What is NEO bank?

Neobank is a digital bank that works on the blockchain platform. With operations and transactions of crypto copper. Neobank will open the revolution in payment solutions across the globe. Our vision creates a unique platform in line with international economic trends.

Neobank is a platform for operating funds in the financial sector such as trade coin, forex and masternode ... to generate profits and share with investors. Creating a community will increase the amount of transactions so increase the value of neobank. trading on app neobank wallet will bring many benefits to the community


Neobank is a smart wallet app, a bank that operates on a completely decentralized platform. neobank is a wallet that integrates a variety of digital currencies that gives the sender a safe and convenient application, making it easier to pay for business. Along with AI-NEO artificial intelligence counts Math values ​​in the financial market, the trend of fluctuations on the trading floor mistakenly brings profits to investors. Wallet app neobank gradually build liquidity ecosystem for digital currencies. KYC makes our property absolutely safe.
Building the strongest infrastructure in the digital asset industry
Service System
Providing the highest quality of safety and efficient service to owners of digital assets
Application Landing
Asset Management
Revolutionize the new era of digital economy with life, social and wealth management in blockchain


Grow and protect crypto assets for everyone


Noc Token: Is the payment value created by Neo Bank's future technology development foundation.
Neo token wallet: It is an open fund for decentralized storage and helps its participants to invest and store assets and create sub-projects from owning Noc Token
With a powerful multi-chain wallet system, Neo wallet is a technology that integrates crypto payment into life and online payment such as Online Game, Sportbet, Online Casino, Money MLM game, digital banking projects….

Outstanding advantages of Noc tokens compared to all tokens ever
- Use Smart wallet ERC 20 contract to control the amount of money that does not allow inflation or deceit in quantity to make the project transparent.
- There are store and coin top exchanges on the app.
- Exceeding the level of wallet tokens at the place used to bet and exchange, Noc Token will not be passive.

What makes a difference for Noc Token
A pioneering platform just launched on Noc Token is a significant new innovation. Noc Token uses Smart Contract ERC20 with the following specific information:
Name: Noc token.
Symbol: Noc
Total supply: 30,000,000 token
Transaction code: NOC
Origin: Crypto Valley switzerland

Distriabution of tokens


Q 3 2019
+ Strategy of community development, bank
decentralization, Neobank and issuance of a NOC
Q 4 2019
+ Trading on internal floor and combined floor.
+ E-commerce, payment by NOC
Q 1 2020
+ Expanding the diversity of ecosystem of NOC liquidity
+ Issuing shares.


AI-NEO currently trades Forex and Crypto . Other cryptocurrencies will be added in due time. If you hold funds of other cryptocurrencies in your Binance account, those funds will remain untouched.
Focus on simplicity for users of all levels
Focus on Return/Risk, not just returns at any risk
A single well researched bot that just works, rather than a platform of unprofitable bots
A trading strategy that adapts to the market, rather than a fixed strategy


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